Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Report to the Foundation Board

Following is a report I submitted to the Foundation Board which will be meeting this weekend. It sums up what we have been working on in the Senate lately:

Greetings from the Senate of Academic Staff! Our senate has been very involved on campus again this year. Following are some of the items we have been working on:

  • Reviewing the draft mission, vision, and values statements for the university.
  • Working on a recommendation to provide more contract security for primarily teaching academic staff who have been at Stout many years.
  • Approving appointments to campus committees
  • Revising our academic staff personnel committee bylaws

We’ve also heard numerous reports on various topics including: Job Satisfaction Study, Salary Equity Study, Suitcase campus report (which basically says we are no more of a suitcase campus than any other campus in the UW), Annual Teaching Workload, Equity Scorecard Project, UCLA Faculty Study, Alumni Follow-Up Survey, StoutMedia Student Organization, to name a few.

The big impact item we are anxiously awaiting is the Governor’s budget address which is scheduled for next week. We are bracing to see what impact this will have on our campus and hoping the Governor will realize the importance of the university system as a priority in assisting the state in quickly resolving our economic crisis.

I understand you will be having several board members using technology to connect to campus and your meeting on Saturday. It should be an interesting test of the technology we regularly use for our distance education students. I hope you have a productive meeting and look forward, as always, to visiting with those of you who will be traveling to our beautiful campus!

Dennis Shaw, Chair
Senate of Academic Staff